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(20 Nov)

This week we consider some confounding questions…

1. What Does Tech Want?

Back in the old times, in the 20th century BT (Before Television), Americans would get their news and information from the radio. President FDR delivered his weekly Fireside Chats, informing the nation of the state of the war, the economy, our cultural challenges (“We have nothing to fear but FEAR itself!”).

And the people listened, and learned. Children sprawled on the floor on Sunday mornings while some far-away adult read the Sunday comics to them over the radio…

How do you feel about the evolution of technology and the humans who create it? Is it ultimately good or evil?

Is the evolution of technology always driven by humans or could it be driven by a larger force of nature?

Make a connection with natural vs. unnatural in this argument.

To what extent can inanimate things make decisions based on emotion? Is it even possible? 


2. Cyber Quiz for Parents of Online Kids

Even though you may not be a parent, what thoughts did you have on the Cyber Quiz in relation to how children are growing up in an immersive digital world today?

(Still Under Construction)

3. Death and Social Media

(Article by Jacquie Cheng)

This article brings up some interesting questions about preserving the writings and social-media postings of a person after s/he has died.

The topic emphasizes how much we have become creatures of electronic media. Instead of writing letters (by hand) and mailing them to others, or writing in a physical journal, we have migrated to performing these tasks online.

  • The good thing about this migration is that more people are putting their ideas into words to be shared with others.
  • The not-so-good thing about this migration is that the writings have become more ephemeral.

Rather than a shoe-box of hand-written (or even typed!) letters to be gone through after the writer has moved on to different shores, what remains are bits and bytes residing on some corporate server.

Rather than a stack of journals filled with musings and doodles, the writer has left behind a blog, perhaps, or a website: again, these are housed somewhere in cyberspace.

And so some corporate third party has entered the picture…


4. Blogging and Social Media

How can you see social media benefiting a blogger?
How can you see social media hindering a blogger?
Do you plan on using social media tools on your blog? Why? Why not?

(Still Under Construction)


What are YOUR thoughts?

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